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2nd - Wednesday, July 14, 2010 @ 7:11 AM
I keep getting asked, "So when's your 2nd one coming?"

At present, I have not done anything much except mull over it while doing 101 other things pertaining to work and around the house.

My concerns are :
1) Will the new kid get along with the first?
2) Is there enough space around the house for both to tumble and rumble?
3) Will they disrupt my work incessantly?
4) Will I have enough time and energy to devote to both of them?
5) Will I have enough patience to put myself through the arduous poop and pee toilet training phase? (any takers?)
6) Would I bear to part with them should I ever do a long haul again?
7) Would I be able to find suitable babysitters for them?

So they say, "Two is better than one." What would I do in the event of a major fallout?

Would I end up an irresponsible parent who is so caught up in the ratrace or some happy-ever after delusion, ends up not monitoring the children's homework, friends, behaviour in school and at play and chucks them with some caregiver or tutor instead to ease his/her conscience?

Would it even be fair bringing another into this part of the world which is not very tolerable of 4-legged creatures?

Wait. You do know I'm considering adopting a second dog right? :)

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