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behind the scenes - Wednesday, July 14, 2010 @ 8:20 AM
If you were around Stadium MRT station sometime one month back on 15 June, you might have come across the above unusual sighting.

I mean, any well-conditioned, completely indoctrinated law-abiding Singapore citizen would be wondering, "DUDE! WHAT THE HECK IS THIS IDIOT DOING KICKING A BALL AT AN MRT STATION??!! HE SHOULD BE ARRESTED, FINED AND CANED FOR CAUSING PUBLIC UNREST!!!" :)

The good news is that this Messi-wannabe had every good reason to be juggling his balls surrounded by plenty of glass panes and windows.

This is the Behind The Scenes take on the supposed spontaneous Adidas Viral video shoot.

Presenting Wilson and Ee Wei in their positions as "Passengers-In-Waiting".

"James Rich", Xavier and Jerry as the other cluster of passengers. Where's Adler?

There he is. Obviously he thinks he can do better than the freestyler actor.

There were 2 cameramen on the set.

Someone is preening his hair to look good on his first video appearance.

Damn. I total envy his jersey! And I bet he gets to keep like all 3-4 sets of it after the shoot!!! That includes the new Adidas Viral 50 boots!

You have to be there to witness the skills of this dude. He totally rocks!

Incidentally, the young man on the right picked out the entire wardrobe for the freestyler-actor.

That man with the black sling bag - an actor too.

One of the sequence requires the boys to get into the train cabin. They did this like 4-6 times in all. No, the train schedule was not interrupted for this shoot. So imagine waiting, entering, exiting and taking the return train on the opposite side for each shoot.

Chilling out after all the HARD WORK! Right.

These are 6 of the chosen ones amongst those who had responded to my call on Facebook to be part of the shoot. What started out as just helping a friend's sister to source for kid-power, I ended up cheperoning them for the entire shoot.

They get paid $10 bucks an hour and a total of $30 for just 2.5 hours of work. Not a cent for me though. That's justice for you. Nah, I turned up with them because of possible legal implications I might get myself into should anything bad happens to any of them and also out of curiosity to spy on an Adidas video shoot. Admit it, you would too.

The wardrobe guy happens to be a former student. Daryl saw my online call for teenage actors for the shoot and turned up to surprise me. He was doing a stint with Adidas as part of his polytechnic work attachment. How cool is that???

The above pictures were embargoed until I know for sure that the video is out online. The producers even told the boys not to breathe a word about the video which was supposedly to look totally spontaneous. I did not sign any non-disclosure consent so I am free to blow their cover. Haha.

Check out the video 2 entries below this one or at the archives (click Others then the Messi @ MRT links).

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