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Custom - Tuesday, July 13, 2010 @ 7:39 AM
I drive across the border now and then to escape the hustle and bustle of Singapore.

When you run some errands on the same trip and yes, that includes some grocery shopping at one of the Giant hypermarts there, the cost of petrol to drive up there is almost negligible.

Take for example a bottle of Nestle's Bliss yougurt drink.

NTUC @ Singpaore : approximately S$2.60

Giant @ JB : RM$3.99 (on offer once in awhile)

The current exchange rate is about S$1 : RM$3.40.

I bought something like 10 bottles.

Do your maths and you can imagine how much savings I enjoy from shopping for grocery, tidbits and household items, getting a professional haircut and of course, indulging in numerous savory hawker fare!

I got 8-9 tubs for my family, friends and students.

I got myself one tray of 30.

Nevertheless, the silver lining of my regular cost savings trip does present some scattered dark clouds. Thanks to our protectionism policy, Singapore cars can only enter JB on a minimal 3/4 fuel tank. In return, the Malaysian authorities has slapped a 20L limit pump rule at petrol kiosks across the border.

Recently, I was stopped by a customs officer for a tray of eggs and pet food (dry). Apparently, under a new ruling, all meat items from Malaysia, with the exception of seafood, are prohibited. Is this to curb the spread of diseases via meat products or just in-your-face protectionism at work again? You decide.

In case you were wondering, I was let off with a gentle reminder because I truly was not aware of the new ruling - with my purchases all intact. :)

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