Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.

Henry David Thoreau

Stuck - Monday, April 9, 2012 @ 9:29 PM

My thoughts went from bugger traffic to the minutes I watched tickled by on the digital display on the dashboard to the gym class that I might be late for and the mind went on an infinite loop.  The snarling traffic created by a massive pylon heading towards Bishan was enough to drive you mad, literally! 

I was caught in the horrendous evening traffic the week before on the way to a gym class.  But there was this gorgeous sunset right before me.   I was so caught up with the traffic around me that I had ignored blazing beauty before my eyes until it hit me - THE BALL OF FIRE IS TRULY FREAKING AWESOME!  So I pulled my breaks, cranked down the window and leaned out my Nokia 800 as far as my hand could go and went trigger happy.  Thinking back, I should have just climbed on top of my car and have a picnic there!  I mean, the whole world was stuck in traffic.  What's there to worry about drivers around me judging me on the sanity spectrum?  I did this again twice (no, I remained in the car) after the traffic inched forward.  The bliss - priceless. 

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