Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.

Henry David Thoreau

trauma - Sunday, October 31, 2010 @ 1:33 AM
Stanley Ho

Stanley Ho It doesn't matter how tough we are. Trauma always leads us far. It follows us home. It changes our lives. Trauma messes everybody up. But maybe that's the point - all the pain and the fear and the crap. Maybe going through that is what keeps us moving forward. It's what pushes us. Maybe we have to get a little messed up before we can step up.

~ Grey's Anatomy Season 5, episode 19

6 hours ago · ·
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    • Reuben Lim I didn't know you were a Greys Anatomy man? Hahahaha
      6 hours ago ·
    • Stanley Ho I was supposed to have chosen medicine instead of teaching. I should've tortured patients instead of students. :)
      5 hours ago ·
    • Reuben Lim Really? Why didn't you go for it? Don't worry, mid career switch still possible? You can always become a doctor after you're done with teaching..活到老,学到老。
      5 hours ago ·
    • Stanley Ho
      u needed physics then...n tt wasnt my fav subject at all. bio n chem r.

      mid career switch? 4 yrs of uni n 5-6 yrs of housemanship? at my age? Unless I'm born w a titanium spoon like some of u, I might consider. My dogs would starve to death if I even consider doing a 2nd degree (refer to the wall)...mayB I should start a fund n ask for donations. haha.
      5 hours ago ·
    • Stanley Ho to add, today it seems u don need physics at A levels. I cld b wrong. damn.
      5 hours ago ·
    • Reuben Lim Yeah you don't need physics at all, not in NUS at some Australian Medicine Undergrad courses, you DO need physics. And I wonder if there's scholarships for post-grad courses? And remember the old guy from greys?? I think it's one of the earlier seasons! And in the words of John Mayer, "we've got dreams...dreeeaaammmsss tooo rememberrrr"
      5 hours ago ·



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