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Henry David Thoreau

colourful & creative drunk - Friday, August 6, 2010 @ 5:15 PM
I start each morning watching my tapings of previous night's Ellen Show.

Here in Singapore, we get backdated episodes. The event or time references may be out of sync but hell, the shows just send me into stitches each time.

Here's a transcript of yesterday's episode:

Mother's Day is this weekend and and if you have not bought any presents yet, I have some ideas. I know you always like to be creative.

Now, moms like jewellery and they also love homemade gifts. So I say if you are going out drinking for Cinco De Mayo , collect your bottlecaps and make your mom this lovely necklace.

See this colourful necklace over here?
Nothing says I Love You like the necklace you made for your mom while you were drunk.

(Check out these matching earrings!)

That smell would remind your mom of the night you were conceived!


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