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STARstruck freeBUCKS - Wednesday, August 4, 2010 @ 11:31 AM
They were with me for the longest time. Due to expire yesterday, I got the two $10 Starbucks vouchers free with some purchase made eons ago.

After a long day tutoring, I was undecided whether to head out just to redeem the vouchers. Think tearing myself from a very clinging Sprite, putting up with her "WHY?? WHY??" doleful begs while you get up to leave, changing up, driving away from a prime parking lot at the ground level only to return to have to the manouevre up the hazardous (to the car due to horrendous design by the engineers who'd worked on the carpark at my condo) ramps and praying that you won't scratch your precious vehicle - well, many owners and visitors did. It was truly ONLY $20 - something I had gotten FREE besides. Can't believe I just said that in these times! Afterall, it's just another set of vouchers I seem to have buried AGAIN somewhere for a long while and only to rediscover them after they have expired. I know. I should be burnt at the stake.

So I decided to sit this one out.

While checking my mails and updates on Facebook, I thought I might just tease the WWW for some responses.

Stanley HoStanley Ho should i drive down to redeem $20 worth of Starbucks vouchers expiring today or should i just stay put and rest because I'm rather tired?

13 hours ago · ·

Well, who needs the daily horoscope when you can get by with a little help from friends online?

The 6 minute or so drive got me united with my favourite beverage from Starbucks - Chai Tea.

Actually that tall size drink came free with my purchase of the above tumbler with this cool psychedelic design. Oh, did you know that if you bring the tumbler along for your next visit, you get 50 cents off your beverage? Now that's good incentive to save the earth!

Add a pack of fruits and dry nuts, I only needed to top up $2.40 after presenting my vouchers.

By then, it was almost 1030pm. No time to sip my chai slowly at the United Square outlet. Neither did I want to burn my tongue over a quick fling on the comfortable lounge chairs.

Sprite would start missing me. I just had to drink and drive all the way home! Hey, it's only Chai Tea!

So there you have it! No wastage of vouchers this time. And Starbucks recycled - in a non watery grave of my homely bin.

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