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Save The Peak - Thursday, July 29, 2010 @ 7:30 PM
This should look familiar.

Maybe your memory needs to be jolted by a more nostalgic reference?

Sometime in the earlier part of this year, real estate developers had wanted to build houses around the Hollywood sign.

One architect jumped into the bandwagon by offering the above design to lure the well-heeled seeking the ultimate luxury home. Actually, I kind of like the concept. Fancy nesting just behind the HOLLYWOOD sign!

This sparked the Save The Peak bonanza to save what is touted as "the last private, undeveloped promontory ridge in Los Angeles." (

Environmentalists who had wanted to stop the bulldozers from ravaging the land came up with various cover-ups for the Hollywood sign.

These green evangelists toiled night and day... draw the public's attention to their cause.

Some famous celebrities also chipped in their efforts to raise money to buy over the prime property from a Chicago-based developer.

I like Ellen's take on the whole saga.

This is as close as I can get to her script during that particular episode :

We don't need to take up every available space and put houses on it. Leave some nature. Leave some space for the animals! The area is "home to animals (and) birds, (including) the coyote too. The donkey from Shrek lives there! (However,) Dory can't afford to live there. Shrek lives up there too!

Well, just three days before the deadline for the land purchase, the organisers were still short ofUS$900,000. Guess who stepped in to save the day?

Yes, the person who donated the money is none other than Huge Hefner, (the owner of Playboy mansion.)

We know that he watches my show. He likes nature. He likes
bunnies. We know that. He likes peaks. And we also know that too.

Oh, he made a little request. It's not a big change at all.

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