Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.

Henry David Thoreau

Hanging - Saturday, July 24, 2010 @ 7:31 AM
21 July. I took a day trip to check out another potential adoptee at SPCA.

I was well aware that parking at the compound is very limited, so I decided to leave my vehicle at 1 of the 2 empty spaces outside SPCA. As I was reversing VERY SLOWLY into the space, I heard what was the deep grinding of metal against concrete. My heart sank. I cursed myself for playing music TOO LOUDLY in the car. My immediate instinct? Drive Black Beauty forward and pray like mad. Another round of unthinkable stomach wrenching grinds. I looked into the side mirror at the driver's side and what I saw really made me speak in tongues I never knew existed.

The usual denial persisted for awhile - this is not fair! I was careful! What rotten luck! What the #$$#!

Sprite, who was beside me in the passenger seat, pranced around excitedly in the cabin, expecting to be let out as the engine had cesased.

When I moved in to examine the carnage, I was truly quite calm. I reminded myself that I was there to try to find a sibling for Sprite and that the shitty damage was the result of sheer bad luck. Not that I believe in luck at all. Shit happens.

Then came the slot machine of monetary figures spinning in my mind The rear skirting at the right corner was hanging like a gaping wound. I noticed that the tip of the metal piece where the catch to keep it screwed to the body of the car was broken. The numbers escalated into the 3-figure realm. I took a deep breath and walked away. I would deal with that later.

The denial set in when I got home. Perhaps the damage would all go away when I woke up the next day. Yes, it was all just a very bad dream. I am a good driver. Some lady bumped into me while my vehicle was stationary at a junction last weekend. I chided her because she had a kid in the passenger seat. She should have been more careful. I am a good person. I don't deserve this shit - this expensive consequence due to some misalignment of the cosmic bodies.

I lamented on Facebook. Some kind souls recommended some repair places for Black Beauty. One of them was a former student leader - thanks man!

I decided to sleep on it for another day. The miracle might need another day to materialise.

Two rainy days later, I decided that the denial had to end. Dad accompanied me to a workshop where a friend of his works. He assured me that the damage was insignificant and the repair should not cost much. I was not so hopeful.

Block 12, #163. Sim Min estate. The damage could be rectified within the day. Great. I would not suffer loss of use over the weekend. I felt so relieved.

The miracle did come to pass. The cost of the repair amounted to just S$20 instead of the hundreds I had expected as there was no need to replace the skirting.

I even got some lessons in interpreting the statistics on my 17" wheel!

Relieved and thankful.

Well, here's Sprite and Blackjack, a male Jack Russell Terrier, hanging around the play garden at SPCA on that fateful morning. The counsellor on duty concluded that Blackjack's very mild temperament was just not compatible with Sprite's.

So the search continues...minus the shit.

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