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Flood Singapore #2 - Wednesday, July 21, 2010 @ 4:44 PM
Flash floods caused by a heavy downpour hit first-world Singapore recently, submerging low-lying areas such as Orchard Road and Bukit Timah while clogging car parks and basement floors elsewhere.

Local educators expounding years of indoctrination and discipline would be proud should they witness this scene of an orderly line executed by ordinary Singaporeans wading through flood waters.

Oh Hermes has come up with a promotion to beat the blues by offering FREE FLOW of teh-tareh (a local Malay word tea) for every $44,444.44 purchase!!! Help yourselves to the cold beverage at its doorstep!

Away in the lush and quiet corner of Bukit Timah, the rich in their fancy 8888 cars and homes have their watery field day when the floods hit - not once, not twice but thrice???

This is truly the irony of life. You pay for the quiet high life but end up in a swampy low life.

Thankfully I live and work on the 4th level - #04-04 :P

Note :
In the Chinese language, the number 8 symbolizes prosperity while 4 means death.
Pictures from XINMSN, STOMP & Google Sg

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