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working style - Tuesday, November 9, 2010 @ 5:50 AM
You are twice as good when working at a job that you believe in, since your feeling adds energy to your efforts. You see the needs of the moment and try to meet them. You want your work to contribute to something that matters to you-- human understanding, happiness, or health. You want to have a purpose beyond your paycheck, no matter how big the check. You are perfectionists whenever you deeply care about something, and are particularly suited for work that requires both devotion and a large measure of adaptability.

Your Working Style:

You are friendly adaptable and a realist
You rely on what you see hear and know first-hand
You good-naturedly accept and use the facts around you
You look for a satisfying solution instead of trying to impose any "should" or "must" of your own
You are sure a satisfying solution will turn up once you have grasped all the facts
You solve problems by being adaptable and often can get other to adapt too
People generally like you well enough to consider any compromise you suggest
You are unprejudiced open-minded and tolerant of most everyone-- including yourself
You take things as they are and thus may be very good at easing a tense situation and pulling conflicting factions together
You are somewhat quiet and reserved although you can be quite talkative on a subject where you can apply your great storehouse of information

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