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Let Me In - Sunday, November 14, 2010 @ 8:08 PM

Ever since having had my psyche seared by Interview With A Vampire, I have lapped up numerous vampire dramas like a creature of darkness drawn irresistably to blood. Then came along True Blood - the ingenious and sensuous television series that catapulted the stake back into the audience's imagination, erecting a milestone I thought no other drama can beat. I was so wrong of course.

Let Me In creeps across your skin insidiously. Unlike the complex adult settings in previous vampire dramas, what you get here is an uncanny world of seduction and manipulation seen through the eyes of 2 very young children. And that is what makes this film disturbing - the fact that the audience gets to witness the innocence of childhood suffer the consequences of dysfunctional adult relationships. But what's new?

At one point in the film, the lonely male protagonist asks, "Is there such a thing as evil?" It is presumptuous to tag this label onto the young living dead. Reeves challenges this notion by juxtaposing vampire kills with bullying scenes. The young vampire kills to fill a basic need. The young humans torment others in school for fun. In the light of recent cyber-bullying on the international and local fronts, that is delicious food for thought.

All in all, I would recommend Reeves' remake of a highly acclaimed Swedish film but I assume that the disturbing contents would put it within the reach of only those above 16 years of age by the local censorship standards? In fact, I would sleep better at night if that happens.

Incidentally, right after leaving the auditorium, I stumbled upon a car wreck smack in the centre of town. I could not help but recall the horrific fate of the former child actor (was it Linda Hamilton?) who had played the dark role in The Exorcist.

In the meanwhile, enjoy your fill with the following official trailer of Let Me In.


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