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Eyefinity - Tuesday, June 29, 2010 @ 9:26 AM
Last Sunday, after checking out some dogs I was planning to adopt at Pasir Ris, I just had to swing by Mega Courts which was just round the corner.

I've only seen this gadget in the movies. Imagine multi-tasking across 3 LCD monitors! I was there to witness a First Person Shooter (FPS) game demo with drool-laden pristine graphics sweeping across all 3 screens!

And check out the crazy specs!

There was an Acer model on display but HP's aesthetics beat the former hands down and jiggling in the pockets! Think SLEEK AND SEXY monitors.

After 3 hours of pacing up and down the mall and mulling over the 5% price tag knockoff and 4 freebies , I decided to put the apparently very seductive purchase on hold.

It is truly a want, not a need. :(

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