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change #1 - Monday, May 2, 2011 @ 7:30 AM
Did I wake up so early in the morning just to review speeches made during the rallies which I cannot attend?

NO. You think I'm mad ah.

Did the PAP with the existing coalition (note co-drivers!) of MPs do and is still doing a good job steering our nation to its successes today?

YES. I civil servant la, must give some face to the higher powers ma.

Are they getting too arrogant? Or at least some indivs appear to be of late?


Are tigers to be kept as pets like the that expressed by some MP's wife?

NO, and I'm glad WP's Pritam Singh had slained her fictitious hallucinatory myths and brought her down to the reality of change.

So what did i take away from my research so far?

Change is inevitable - the only constant, the only wind that blows from the east to the west (da fond chui? blow what?). Old guards make good wise advisors. Old guards who fail to heed to pleas of certain groups in society and only roar to keep those beneath the hierachy of things in place (trust me, I've met so many at work in the past), or worse still, choose to live in the high society of their dens (which had prob undergone annual makeovers with more ponds lined with gold trimmings, more than who's that NKF individual because their annual GDP-feeds collected from their minions are obscene enough to feed an entire Amazon??) and then discriminate others by re-peeing territorial boundaries, to that I will borrow Pritam's funny-line, "Eh! Bodah!"

While we have checks in place in the system, recent developments have shown that we need to reinforce them with more passionate individuals to redefine what QUALITY OF LIVING in Singapore for ALL SINGAPOREANS truly should be.


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